Vinisce, riviera Trogir, Croatia

Vinisce is a small quiet fishing town located in a beautiful bay of clear sea and untouched nature, only 12 km from Trogir.

Vinišće was first mentioned in documents from the Trogir landed estates in 1272, even though the time of establishment has not been completely investigated. Judging by the Illyrian structures and remains of Roman constructions, it was inhabited even earlier. During the middle ages, the area was divided into a Diocese, the southern part along the sea, and Opatija - the northern inland part.

The town has several beautiful churches. The church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (St. George) in Orihovica was established by the benedictions in 1272. Surrounding it is an old cemetery with stone sarcophagi. The Church of St. Antun Padovanski (Lady of Carmella) was built in the 18th century in Vinišće itself. The new parish church of The Heart of Jesus has a painting from an unknown painter from the 9th century. The church of St. Ivan on the Ploče cape was built in 1332 according to the legend where the Blessed Ivan Trogir miraculously saved people from Šibenik whose ship sunk.

VinisceIn the surroundings there are several beautiful bays well known for their attractive pebble and sand beaches - Voluja, Ričevo Vrelo, Stari Trogir, Sićenica. Vinišće has several markets, restaurants, cafe bars, and a small marine for yachtsmen.

The place has a small ACI marine, restaurants and cafés, and a short drive can get you to the city of Split, the cultural center of Dalmatia. Vinišće is a place intended first of all for lovers of quiet family vacations in private rooms, apartments, and houses and the destination is suitable for those who wish to have their privacy.

Concerning activities, along with swimming and sunbathing, we can recommend surfing, sport and underwater fishing, and boat excursions. For those who love entertainment and night life, we recommend visiting nearby Trogir, Šibenik, Rogoznica, and Split.